Planning prints on paper✂️

In today’s workshop we learnt how to construct on paper before we put it on fabric. I’m really glad I’ve this option to create and design a print before doing it! 

I don’t know what my theme is yet!? Maybe pineapples 🍍 or perphaps 🌸 I’m gonna experiment with these first to see I can develop my theme. 


Oh Thursdays… 

The struggle is real I’ve a full day ahead 😴 between uni and work I won’t be home until 10pm tonight! The joys of student life 🤗 however finally got abit of insight into knit today! How fascinating! Ive recently just taught myself how to knit aka casting on and  purl stitch etc… (when I was sick to keep me occupied) I really enjoy knitting as i find it therapeutic it’s definitely something I would enjoy doing! 

Ps… do you like my new chequed mustard scarf 😍

I seem to have a 70s vibe going on 🤔

These are my lovely prints made with the colours I made from scratch! How cool is that!? Unfortunately I was being fussy and didn’t want to add the pink because I thought the Burnt orange and mustard would make a lovely polka dot print for a new knitted jumper or a scarf ✂️ 

1. I made a mistake and put mustard down first as the negative and the burnt orange as a positive! But I tried to correct myself by making it look like the print is over layered🙄


When you’ve to play catch up! 

Eugh missing uni for a week and a bit is like missing a whole series of the Kardashians 😱 I have had tonsillitis for 4 weeks now and I just can’t seem to get rid of it! Numerous hospital and doctor appointments 😶 I need them out to be honest! ( have a bit of sympathy for me 😢) only joking! I try my best to work at home I acctual like it more 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

So the pictures below are what I missed! The first one was mark making to music,  classical vibes ofcourse! & then we have to extract colours from images which we are going to use for “Print Workshop” & our Theme , which I gone a bit over board but I found my colours 🍂🌷🌙 which were burnt orange, golden mustard and deep vibrant pinkish purple colour and I love them because these colours are all in atm and plus they are my colours like hello 👋🏼 I was born in autumn 🍂 ( The last photography below shows my three colours) 

Oooh little bit of mixing (Colour Theory) 

I general love doing new techniques that involve experiments as this is how I learn! I like to visualise and be shown a demonstration or getting to work while listen or experimenting and learning from your mistakes which can create serendipity! 🤓

As in school subjects like English etc… I used to be near sleeping as i lose concentration quickly if someone talks for hours and if you asked me within a couple hours later about what we learnt or did I wouldn’t remember as ,  I would be like Dory from Finding Nemo 🐳🐙😂 

( I did learn from this workshop on colour about the different vibrancies and what colours go together etc…) 

Cultural Context 

Who knew learning how to use a library would be so fascinating 😳 yes so cultural context is basically a well thought out and researched timeline! Starting from 19th Century until 2017 😶 I mean that’s a long time when you think about it and all 1st years have gathered information from 1900s – 2017 individually. Can you imagine the size of it😮 I particularly enjoyed this project as I got lost within the research while web surfing and can I just say that we need to bring back the mod style ASAP!